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A sensational new video by Daniel Paquin for the Alien Skin song 'Belong'.

My original draft demo recording of the song is below as well.

The song Belong was recorded during the album sessions for 'The Unquiet Grave' in 2009. It was mastered and sequenced as track 7 on the album but I replaced it at the last moment by the song 'After the Funeral'. Listening to the production copy of the CD I decided that the track felt incongruous; it sounded out of place in context with the other 10 tracks. This incongruity forced me to rethink the track sequence and I returned to the studio a few days later with 'After The Funeral' which is far more in keeping with the mood of the album.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy Belong very much and it's available as a Bonus track when buying 'The Unquiet Grave' album at Bandcamp and is free to my Alien Skin mailing list members. Adding to the recording session is a sensuous cameo vocal appearance by Mila Dream from Russia. The video was a welcome surprise as I received it unexpectedly from Daniel Paquin. Thank you Daniel!

As an added bonus, I dug up my original draft demo of the song from 2005. It's working title at the time being 'Dolphin'. I named it this because of the synth line that glides over the chorus. In 2010 I asked Mila to replicate this with her voice to add a different texture.

You can now hear the short demo by clicking on the Player...
Buy 'Winter Kills All It Sees' which includes the track 'Belong'


2013-04-12 07:46:08 - patricia
Oh! Thank you Dan, for mentioned my name for your great work! A great video for a great song! And it's true I'm really a true fan of Alien Skin!
2013-04-10 16:59:51 - Daniel Paquin
HelLo George,You are very welcome.Thank you for theses interesting facts about the story about Belong.Great to learn a little more about.Have a beautifull time with music. PS:I did the video of Belong with the friendly support of Patricia a very good friend of me and you and a very enthousiat fan of Alien Skin.Thank you to her.
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