Alien Skin


If you know the international hit 'Under The Milky Way' by legendary Australian band, The Church, then you'll know the voice of Steve Kilbey. The Church have been recording and performing ageless and mesmerizing music since 1980, and Kilbey in particular continues to work on side projects, one being with music producer 'Pocket'.

As a special one off project, Pocket, aka Richard Jankovich (remixer for Radiohead, Beck etc),  co-wrote the song 'Hear In Noiseville' with Kilbey. Pocket provided backing tracks to a number of singers/song-writers and asked them to write a lyric and tune and to record their vocal, he then mixed the two together to provide finished songs. The final result was an album release plus a select number of singles. The 'Hear In Noiseville' single has 5 tracks on it, including my Alien Skin remix.

Anyone who has been following my music will know that I have been an impassioned fan of The Church, and especially Kilbey's song-writing and voice, for over 30 years. So it was with genuine excitement that I worked with his recorded vocal, twisting and reworking it in places, creating the Alien Skin remix which is very far removed from the original 'Pocket' version.

Below is a simple video I created to present the 'Hear In Noiseville' remix. The 5 track single is available from iTunes and everywhere else; aside from the original version and my remix, it contains additional remix tracks.

On the strength of this remix Steve asked me to collaborate on the first of a couple of songs, the first being Summer of Love.

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Here's the original 'Pocket Ft. Steve Kilbey' version

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