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Goldfrapp: Tales of Us : hushed beauty

Photo Tales of UsMy favourite album from last year was certainly one I didn't anticipate: Tales of Us by Goldfrapp. I consider it a stunning piece of beautiful artistry. 'Tales of Us' is an album of sublime songs often simple in their execution but always with a purpose and delivered with captivating sensitivity. Alison's voice is sadly delicious and the melancholy in her chosen melodic notes and words sends shivers. For me, the 2 finest testaments to Goldfrapp's majesty are the albums Felt Mountain (2000) & Tales of Us (2013).

I have already posted a blog on Felt Mountain and today I present 3 videos, live versions of 3 of the tracks from Tales of Us.


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I have to agree with you George. Such a gorgeous set of songs. Felt Mountain is a Top 10 of all time for me. The video/concert film they showed in the cinema last year was also wonderful. Haven't seen them live in quite some time but hope to again sometime.

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