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When Alien Skin once asked me what I think about his music, I said in my audio commentary: “…it makes me feel like ‘sitting by the window and watching outside on a rainy day’…” ~Saliha

The new Alien Skin album 'Ghost In The Rain' continues the important characteristics I observed in his previous albums 'The Unquiet Grave' and 'Don't Open Till Doomsday'. Elements of sad romanticism, melancholia and introspection are now further infused with themes of rain & death.

Each song tells a different story and has its own atmosphere that surrounds you, that draws you in it....After a few listens I was really captured by each and every song, therefore I can’t tell just one favourite, as I have many of them.

Significant lyrics with amazing metaphors like “…as the earth becomes my blanket…” in the song Brigitte, expressing dying and being buried.

The music is never monotone; it changes and takes another form according to the changing mood of the lyrics of each song, as you feel each step of a soldier’s tragic walk to death, in 'Brigitte'. The only thing that connects him to life is the crumpled photo of a woman that he doesn’t even know. A sad song that makes me cry....

The scenes are described so well that you can imagine them in your mind, as in the song Vintage, as if you’re watching a film noir movie. And you can feel the beautiful serenity in Stay With Me, as if you’re watching and hearing the rain outside your window.

Perfect World gives me such peace… The synth-part at the end is like the sound of happiness and joy.

Candy Lips defines some kind of liveliness & vitality and a sense of sorrow at the same time.

The great contribution of  Deity with her charming voice in the song Vanishing Girl cannot be denied.

The dark, medieval atmosphere is created so perfectly, with excellent lyrics and sound effects in Vampyra, that you feel yourself in that time and place.

Cynthia…, the sad farewell to a beloved one…

I like the whistling fade-out in Music Box Doll; it’s as if the Ghost In The Rain disappears whistling in the dark, trying to get rid of his fears.

And a great vocal performance by Alien Skin, especially in songs like ‘Stay With Me’, ‘Candy Lips’, ‘Vampyra’, ‘Cynthia’….

In conclusion, Alien Skin did his BEST again! If there may be a future ‘Best of Alien Skin’ album, I think many of its songs will definitely be from ‘Ghost In The Rain’.

Lastly, my advice is: the best way to listen to Alien Skin is with earphones on and in the dark… just close your eyes and let the fascinating music of Alien Skin take you out of this world and into the outer limits...

Istanbul, Turkey


2012-04-04 05:34:24 - Alien Skin
Thank you Chuck, I also look forward to your review on your website!
2012-04-04 04:08:23 - Chuck Frey
I couldn't agree more. This is such an evocative, beautiful album. A masterpiece! Chuck Frey Modern Synthpop Blog
2012-04-04 04:02:30 - Saliha
With pleasure Mr. Alien Skin:). Thank you for the music!
2012-04-03 18:16:15 - Alien Skin
Thank you Saliha, I very much appreciate the your expressed sentiments and the effort you went to, to write this wonderful review:)
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