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It seems I record my albums in southern winter and release them in northern winter. It's not intentional, it just worked out that way, but I think this is quite apt. To me, anyway, both 'Don't Open Till Doomsday' & 'The Unquiet Grave' have been just conceived in a dark, cold wintry hideaway, where shadows play tricks on the eyes. Ghost In The Rain is born of the same shadowy substance.

I feel confident with the mixes of each of the 10 songs and I'm ready to have them mastered. There's always a degree of trepidation, especialy when working alone, to know when a song is quite finished and sometimes it is hard to let go and say, "that's it, it's finished". I have to take a deep breathe and then just let it be. I believe I'm at that point. Once mastering of the CD is done, the audio side of the whole project is finished. No more edits.

I am waiting on the design of the CD artwork at present and trust the designer helping me out will do a great job. Once this is complete to both our satisfaction, the entire work will be sent to the manufacturing plant in the US where the physical CDs and packaging will be printed and pressed. I look forward to actually having the third Alien Skin CD album in my hands!

Ghost In The Rain continues and develops the musical aesthetic of my two previous albums and adds additional moods and textures which I hope will be enjoyed as much, if not more, than my previous works. Fear not, it will be very recognizable as Alien Skin, as the teaser video Vampyra, demonstrates. I personally get a little distraught when a favourite artist changes direction on a new album, I've never been too comfortable with that, unless that artist has always been eclectic like say...David Bowie or the Beatles etc. The artists who do it well, that is, radically change, and continue to please fans, are few and far between.

Ghost In The Rain will be released at the end of northern winter so the mood and atmosphere of the songs will be first listened to in the correct surrounds. We may have scorching heat here in Australia, but upstairs in the north, where most of my listeners are, it will find the right home at the right time.

I shall write more as the weeks draw closer to its release. This is just an initial update.

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2011-12-08 04:29:22 - patricia robert
I want quickly February!! :)
2011-11-29 14:07:26 - patricia robert
I'm really hurry to have this jewel in my hands. Patricia
2011-11-20 16:47:55 - Steve
So looking forward to this.
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