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David Bowie photo with micDavid Bowie, to me, was one of THE most significant and essential music artists of the 20th century. A furtive imagination and a brilliant, intelligent mind that enriched many of us with his most extraordinary sound & vision, both recorded and in performance. I rarely use the epithet 'genius' but David Bowie was one of those rare mortals who deserve the designation. And his voice, let's not forget that goosebumps raising instrument!

David Bowie was unequivocally and fiercely unique. The son of Mr & Mrs Jones was an inventive and original master within his chosen field of the arts. He helped change people, he changed me & I have been a willing disciple nearing 5 decades now. So much is currently being written about his death, life, his work, so I am not going to add much more than what I write here. The most intelligent, moving tribute I've read is by Marty Willson-Piper (ex guitarist from the Australian iconic band The Church), read it here....

In closing, I thought I'd add some of my Facebook posts from the past few days rather than repeat myself.....












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