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Chain D.L.K. the Italian webzine, recently reviewed 'Ghost in The Rain'. Below is an excerpt, you may read the full review on the Chain D.L.K. website. My thanks goes to Mauri for his kind comments.

"...two years from the album "The Unquiet Grave" issued by A Different Drum, Alien Skin is back with a new album titled "Ghost In The Rain". This time George decided to have full control on the album, so, he self released it. Since from its title "Ghost In The Rain" has a feeling of intimacy: it makes me think of gray days and introspection. Well, this is the third time in a row that I listen to it and that feeling is confirmed and it's enriched by all the nice tiny melodic arrangements that George put into the songs..."

...continue reading the full review on the Chain D.L.K. website.

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