Alien Skin


2016 was a busy Alien Skin work year. In March I released 'Winter on Mars' my 7th studio CD album, followed in September by 'European Electronic Cinema' my most acclaimed album release to date. As well as a quantity of good reviews, one magazine, MusicExistence, went as far as ranking 'EEC' at number 6 in their annual 'Top 10 alternative albums of the year'. Read copy of reviews on my Website, here, with links to original reviews on respective websites. Needless to say I am extremely honoured and excited that there's been such a positive reaction in 2016.

The year, sadly, was overwhelmed with the deaths of many music artists who have been influential in the public's consciousness for decades. For me personally, the death of David Bowie, on the 10th of January, was of particular tragic & depressing significance, he being to me an artist I've slavishly loved and admired and been influenced by since the early 1970s. His passing further brought into sharp relief for me the ephemeral nature of all of us, that, when someone like David Bowie dies, at a relatively young age, a person I've held as being 'immortal' then life for myself and the rest of us can also come tumbling down very rapidly like a house of cards and without warning. It was a shock, a severe shock to have heard the news that Australian summer evening.

Moving on though, and connected to Bowie, early 2017 will see a new Alien Skin album. In my liner notes I pay tribute to the man and explain that his 'Berlin Trilogy' albums of 1976-1979 have played a major part in informing the new album, its theme and its renewed excitement for me in returning to creative work. I have allowed myself to travel back and reflect on my influences from the late 70s early 80s electronic movement. As such expect a very different, upbeat Alien Skin album. More on this in a short while.

I shall be trying to release the album through a Record Label to hopefully achieve greater exposure for it, but failing this it will be self released. Alien Skin music doesn't easily fit in well with what seems all and any established genre, which in one way I see as a good thing, but at the same time it makes it difficult to be accepted by Labels, and therefore discovered by a broader listener demographic. I'll see what happens after I present the work to the collection of  names I have been gathering online. If anyone has knowledge of any potentially interested labels, please email me.

All the very best to each and all of you in 2017. If you're reading this I know you're a supportive Alien Skin fan and I greatly appreciate your ongoing interest and dedication.


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