Alien Skin


New Alien Skin double-sided single release.
01 Autumn My Favourite Interlude
02 China Red and Prussian Blue

Living in Australia, our seasons are diametrically opposite to the majority of the world. Humid, sticky, hot Christmas' are a novelty to the northern hemisphere as are chilly, white Christmas seasons to us. Sometime back I wrote the song 'Autumn My Favourite Interlude' but never quite found the appropriate time to release it; it would have made little sense to most people as our seasons do not correspond, and I had other releases that took priority. Now, after a couple of years, and during our southern Spring, I put the finishing touches to the song and am issuing it during the northern hemisphere autumn.

I have included, on this Bandcamp release, the song 'China Red and Prussian Blue'. The track was originally only available as an exclusive download to my Guest List members. It has been remastered for this Single issue.

Members of my Alien Skin newsletter can also download my previous double side single 'The Child Knows'/'Samantha & Valentino' for free upon purchase of 'Autumn My Favourite Interlude' (limited time only). I have just sent out an email to you with details.

You may listen, buy, share the songs from Bandcamp. Cheers!



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