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And so this is Christmas and what have we done, another year over and a newbie just round the corner!

I thought of recording a cover song as my personal musical gesture for this 2013 festive season, one that I offer as a complimentary download to my Alien Skin guest list members till the end of December.

I have always loved The Ronettes 1963 classic 'Be My Baby' since I first heard it on radio as a kid, in fact it is one of my most cherished tunes of all time and absolutely decisive in developing my love of music at that early age. And so, after some consideration I excitedly mapped out a new arrangement and recorded it...a pleasure to sing the gorgeous tune of Ellie Greenwich & lyric of Jeff Barry. Barry, who was Ellie's husband at the time, explained that he had to get into the mind-set of a contemporary 16 year old girl to authentically write a lyric. The original record was produced, shaped, contoured, conducted and veneered by the brilliance of early 60s Phil Spector.

Below is the video I produced to present the here is 'Be My Baby'

All my very best to each and every one of you, have a top holiday season, safe and splendid and see you in the new year! I shall be back early in 2014 with a brand new Alien Skin CD album, as well as my long awaited album release with a very special collaborator from across the seas.

While we're here, I may as well add the new video of BLUE, completed last week, from my current album 'The Secret Garden'

and because I love it so much, here's The Ronettes original 1963 version!

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