Alien Skin


My random world in 50 questions and 50 answers!
Best band played in? Real Life
First memory? asking friends not to step on ants, age 3
When did you begin writing songs? 1973 aged 13
80s gigging memories? lugging heavy analog equipment in my car
Favourite eat out meal? Tom Yum soup with secret ingredients
Your first synth? cheap string/organ synth, 1982 can't remember name
X Factor? a lucrative franchise, a turn off
The Cure? Charlotte Sometimes (live recording)
Why do you write songs? best creative satisfaction
Vinyl records? warm memories
Did hair & makeup in the 80s? yes
Fave actor? Humphrey Bogart
Who inspired you to do music? The Beatles
Love? give & receive, it works
Facebook? money grubbers
First vinyl record? Simon & Garfunkel Best of LP, 1970
Books? non fiction
Who first inspired your electronic music? Depeche Mode
When did you first create electronic music? 1983
Do you still have these early recordings? yes
Birth? Athens, Greece
Most memorable school years? Primary school, 1964-1970
First crush? lovely Cheryl, Grade 2
New Order? Your Silent Face
Female singer? RoBERT
Your first guitar? dad's old acoustic, 1972
The Church? most fave Australian band
First gig? 1977, Melbourne
City or countryside? prefer the countryside the older I get
Most memorable concert? Paul McCartney 1975 (twice)
Best signature synth riff? Send me an Angel
Do you still recognize the world you were born in? sadly no
Favourite pet? cats
Depeche Mode album? Black Celebration
Politics? Left
Fave season? Melbourne winter
1970s favourite artist? David Bowie
Most engaging recording? Strawberry Fields Forever
Life? Too short but a privilege
Current fave Alien Skin song? Creature with the Human Face
Comedy? Marx Brothers
Fruit? mango
Most memorable gig played? Real Life, Chicago, Sept 1998
Largest stage played? Synthstock 2000, Salt Lake City US
Television? nauseating, thanks TiVo for allowing me some control
Joy Division? Atmosphere
Most alluring accent? French
Movies? film noir, 50s scifi
Favourite album collaboration? Plastic Art Noise
80s soundalike music today? it's been done to death, please move on

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