Alien Skin



With postage of just 1 cent, for delivery anywhere in the world, of course I do!

image of CdBaby 1 cent!
As my supportive distributor, they offer virtually free shipping if you order 3 or more CDs at any time!

This is the best opportunity to secure yourself Alien Skin and/or any other Cdbaby artist for the cost of the CDs only and NO postage but for 1 cent!

New Alien Skin album in March at Cdbaby!

My new 2016 Alien Skin album, Winter On Mars, is scheduled for release March 1st. Cdbaby is obviously my recommended retailer as well, and for the cost of 1 cent you can pick up another couple of CDs, Alien Skin or anyone else's. This scheme is of great support to independent artists and to fans as well and I'm sure quite a number of you will take advantage of it.

Click on the image to go to my Alien Skin page at Cdbaby and have a look around. More info as to Winter On Mars coming soon. All Alien Skin newsletter members will be personally notified, including special giveaways already planned. Support Alien Skin and join my newsletter list here.




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