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New ReMaster album of Alien Skin favourites. Get your free download before March, 6th

Music variously likened by reviewers to The Legendary Pink Dots, Depeche Mode, Brian Ferry, David Bowie, David Sylvian - evocative, atmospheric, melodic & electronic ... you get the general idea.

1980 REDUX Now Out on CD!

Released August 2017 as a digital download only, the album is now available on CD due to sufficient requests.
Order the CD from Kunaki, New York.  Also new on CD is A Spoonful of Voices with bonus track.

A Spoonful of Voices is a collection of songs originating from the Winter on Mars album recording sessions of 2015. All songs, aside from track 1, being an early arrangement, do not appear on the album.

The Wicker Man is a song sleeping many a year on my bed of hard drives. Dusted off and injected with some care and attention it is now made available as a 'new' Alien Skin track from my back catalogue of unreleased music pieces.

I have release two compilation albums in the space of a week as we head towards another Christmas holiday season. Compiling an eclectic mix of songs from my 2008 debut album, Don't Open Till Doomsday, and the most current, 1980 REDUX, I sought to simply put the chosen tracks in a different context. This gives them a new life beyond the constraints of how people first heard them.

As a promo to my new Alien Skin album, `1980 REDUX' I have cobbled together a video feature the inspiration behind the opening track on the album. '1980 You Were a Boy' was brought to life by my love of the period and its androgyny. Chief amongst its protagonists was Bowie and a young Martin Gore followed in his footsteps some time later.

I have just uploaded a new video featuring a live computer screen-capture
of me manipulating the recorded multi tracks of the song 1980 You Were a Boy from my current Alien Skin album 1980 REDUX

Alien Skin in Real Life is a collection of 6 tracks I unearthed from my archives. These are original first draft demos I produced circa 1996 & 2002 for the Real Life albums 'Happy' and 'Imperfection' respectively. OUT NOW

No. 1 Abbey Lane is a real address, an historic Tudor house renovation by an English couple in 2012. It featured on a UK television program a few years ago &  having a healthy fascination with all things from that era I penned the song shortly after watching the documentary. NEW SINGLE release

I have a new album out, 1980 REDUX. Here it is...

Stereo Stickman magazine, UK, has just posted a tasty new review of my Alien Skin 2012 fan favourite album, Ghost in the Rain.

4 cover songs I've recorded since 2010. Download the EP for free or name your price at Bandcamp. Limited till the end of Easter only. Just click on the EP cover photo below.

I'd love your help with my Alien Skin Spotify page



What I remember doing in 2016 and I what I plan for Alien Skin in 2017

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to get anything done and you constantly see yourself procrastinating, feeling literally unmotivated? It’s rather interesting how we can be completely motivated one day and then the next day have nothing at all. Read on

Leonard Cohen, at 82, releases possibly his last album. Already acclaimed as a major piece of work by this genius of the game. I add my few words...

Working on the bottom feeder level of the music industry, as most independent, self financed artists like myself do, I've taken note of an early method used by a favourite band of mine The Legendary Pink Dots (1981-present) and am putting together a totally hand made & printed (by me) collection of Alien Skin CD's.

'European Electronic Cinema' new 2016 album - NAME YOUR PRICE for today only!

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, as a fact as well as big casinos there are also many famous musicians that often play in Vegas as it is such a huge an popular hub for big names to play from Elvis Presley to Prince/ Residencies don’t just benefit smaller acts by giving artists a chance to perform and potentially be their big break, they also protect the promoter.

British magazine Stereo Stickman recently interviewed me to discuss the new Alien Skin album, European Electronic Cinema and my entire creative process. Read it here...

September sees the issue of my final CD format release. The 10 track album European Electronic Cinema will be my 8th and last album available on CD as the falling demand for the physical medium necessitating a rethink on how I distribute music.

No More Division reviews the Alien Skin album, Creature with the Human Face

Rated Sound online mag reviews Winter On Mars album

London blogger publication reviews Winter On Mars album

New collection of 80s oldies given away to my Alien Skin newsletter members. Join us and get ready to download the new compilation album.

Excellent review of 'Winter On Mars' album on the site of indie trendsetters - No More Division.

"Tomorrow's Dead: Singles Collection Vol 2" is a massive 29 track release for the price of 8 songs. Now available only through Bandcamp.

It all began with the album Don't Open Till Doomsday, my Alien Skin debut CD, released April 2008 on the US label, A Different Drum. To commemorate I am giving away 10 albums to the first 10 fan who want it. It's ready to download NOW!

Get your free copy of VOLUME ONE album. 10 fans will get this 2012 release free this week. It's the collection of random demos earmarked for work as Real Life songs, years ago, but never completed. Grab & redeem your code quickly!

Tomorrow's Dead is a new Alien Skin song included in Let There be Synth Vol 5; a massive 4 volume release via the Swedish Kodapa Label and available also on iTunes as of March 26th. I have made also made it available as a 3 track mini-album for the cost of one song!

Cdbaby offers virtually zero postage for CDs delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world! All day every day. A great opportunity to save on throwaway shipping costs.

David Bowie (1947-2016) my thoughts...

Christmas greeting and the release of my very special Alien Skin 2015 Christmas single, Save the Last Dance for me

Femme Fatale is a Lou Reed song originally sung by Nico with The Velvet Underground. I have redefined and recorded my Alien Skin version as an iTunes release.

Now Realeased: New Real Life 2 track single release. Our final recordings from 2005 released publicly for the first time.

'Autumn My Favourite Interlude' backed with 'China Red and Prussian Blue' is the new double-sided Alien Skin release. Hear it within.

'The Child Knows' backed with 'Samantha & Valentino' is my first Alien Skin double-sided single release of 2015. Two songs for the price of one as per the days of vinyl single issues

I found this an interesting article to read and learn from. The debate has continued amongst listeners for so many years with aficionados of vinyl swearing black & blue on the superiority of the format over digital. Audio engineers and the people who record, master and also those that cut to vinyl have a different opinion.


'Ghost Ships' is a 6 track EP featuring songs recorded during the album sessions for 'A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World'.

Discussing the new 2015 Alien Skin with Deity album release, A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World.

New 2015 album now on pre-sale. Check the benefits of purchasing prior release date, Feb 2nd!

The Coral are a British band from The Wirral [just south of Liverpool] whose major activity was in the 2000's. I discovered them by chance via Marty Willson-Piper's blog and I'm grateful to him for another cherished find.

Let There Be Synth Volume 4 is the second compilation album, released by the Swedish Kodapa label, that Alien Skin has been on this year. In June I had the song Razors in My Eyes included and in this new, double CD issue I am proud to feature the track Make It Dark Again.

I am currently completing work on my 6th Alien Skin CD album. Entitled....

Further/Deeper is the 25th studio album by The Church; a fan since 1981, their work has never disappointed me. Herein are my thoughts on the album with a link to hear it in its entirety.

My look at Goldfrapp's majestic 2013 album, Tales of Us, including live videos of Alison performing 3 of the songs.

A forgotten 2011 video clip of myself working on what became the title track from 'Ghost in the Rain' my 3rd Alien Skin CD album (2012). I also include the very first pencil sketch demo of the track as well as the final release version & video.

35% discount off all Alien Skin music. End of Australian financial year sale at Bandcamp. Check within!

Razors in my Eyes was written & produced for the 19 track various artists download album Dark Synth Sounds Vol.1 and released by the Swedish Kodapa label. All songs off the album are also available separately from regular online stores.

An interview I did with Kage Alan in May 2014 for his blog, discussing my music as Alien Skin, what makes me want to continue producing it after all these years, my new album release and many more tell-tales.

Dark Synth Sounds Volume 1 is a multi artist compilation album; 19 tracks from across the globe. Being released by the Swedish Kodapa Label, it is on sale as a digital download as of June 7th. My Alien Skin contribution is the new song 'Razors In My Eyes'. I have included the song & video within.

Saliha, Turkish delight fan #1 from Istanbul, forwarded me her review of 'Creature with the Human Face', my 5th Alien Skin CD album. Thank you so much Saliha for the time and effort put into thinking about and writing this wonderful review!

A brief appearance on video to thank everyone buying my new Alien Skin album release, Creature with the Human Face'.

'Winter Kills All It Sees' is both a new compilation album of singles not found on any previous album and a new track written for 'Creature with the Human Face' (2014) but omitted from the final track selection.

Ghost In The Rain, is the 3rd Alien Skin CD album release, and in this blog I present the earliest demo of the title song.

50 Q & A  : I answer 50 random short questions off the cuff

'Creature with the Human Face' is the 5th and new Alien Skin album, released April 1st, 2014. This is its story

'Plastic Art Noise' is a collaborative musical union of artists RoBERT, Alien Skin (George Pappas) & Mathieu Saladin. The resulting 2014 debut album is entitled 'Like Strangers Do'.

In the 1980s I played in the Melbourne band 'Strange Silence', I have dug up a couple of private films of 2 song performances we did in 1986.

I was interviewed by Marko Maric who hosts a weekly radio segment, Synthwave Synday, on behalf of Radio Pure Gently. During my 5 minute on-air segment I discuss my years in the band Real Life and Alien Skin. Listen to it here!

Oh Mercy Moonlight is track 10 from the 2013 Alien Skin CD album The Secret Garden. In this blog I present the original bare boned demo version. Compare & contrast...

The subject of music artists not receiving remuneration for their work is an important one for me but not a straightforward issue as one may think. After reading a number of comments on a Facebook post of my friend Jo Huber, I considered adding my two cents, but the size of the comment kept growing so instead I continued it in this blog...

I've begun 2014 with my first double sided single release for the year: 'Be My Baby' backed with 'Simon & Garfunkel'. In this blog I discuss both songs as they share a common time frame for me that reaches back into 1970. My past is brought into the present & future.


And so this is Christmas and what have we done, another year over and a newbie just round the corner! Here's my Alien Skin video cover of 'Be My Baby' for Christmas 2013! Download the track if you're a Guest List member!

I rediscovered Colin Blunstone the other day on a YouTube video performing 'Say You Don't Mind' live on British TV's 'Old Grey Whistle Test' 1971. The wistful melody together with his gorgeous plaintive voice and the ever so graceful, charming string arrangement made me fall in the love with the song & the entire experience.

Silence has been a stranger to me for over thirty years, I still remember the event that popped my cherry for good and my hearing has never been the same since. This is my story of severe hearing damage as a musician.

5 Years 2008-2013 is the new 78 song Alien Skin album release & is available for download from Bandcamp only, for a limited period. This ultimate song collection includes every officially released track since the issue of my debut album, Don’t Open Till Doomsday, in 2008. Enter to win your copy, 2 to be won!

After a number of similar emails from musicians on how to get signed to a record label, I decided to post a blog with my opinions on the subject which is often misunderstood by many aspirants.

I'm Your Machine is the new Alien Skin single & the first to be released in 2013. A sojourn into different musical territory for me, but it can be fun to occasionally step outside one's own skin. It's in someways a brief return to my days in Real life and earlier.

As a very special offer to people who may not have all my Alien Skin albums, everyone who buys the CD version of 'The Secret Garden' from Bandcamp (till August 31, 2013) will also receive free digital downloads of my previous 4 albums!

'The Secret Garden' CD album under review by Kage Alan. Read it here.

I was recently interviewed by the Italian music magazine Darkroom. Both English & Italian language versions can be found in this blog.

Darkroom Magazine (Italy) reviews the new 2013 Alien Skin album, The Secret Garden. English translation accompanies the original Italian.

A fan review of Alien Skin's The Secret Garden album from the historic meeting place of Europe and Asia, Istanbul.

Siblings is a 6 track EP issued and available exclusively from Bandcamp. Released as a companion compilation to the 2013 album 'The Secret Garden', it features an eclectic selection of songs dating from the early 80s to the recording sessions of that album.

Reviewed in Emininent Domain by Jimm Kjelgaard, a long time veteran of the music industry in the US. He was the man responsible for organizing Synthstock 2000 (August, 2000), Salt Lake City US in which Real Life (my prior band) performed on a bill headlined by OMD.

'The Secret Garden' album has been released today! Read the details of the 4th Alien Skin CD album release in this blog.

Prior the release of THE SECRET GARDEN new album, the entire current Alien Skin discography is being given away to 3 people. That's 14 official titles & 58 songs. Find out how to seize this opportunity within the blog!

David Sylvian, to me, is one the few masterful music artists that I consider important. Important enough to have profoundly affected my understanding and appreciation of music as art. As such I present his full live concert from Tokyo 2004 with Steve Jansen & visual artist Masakatsu Takagi. A stunning atmospheric & fluid electronic experience.

A sensuous, new video for the Alien Skin song 'Belong' by Daniel Paquin. Shimmering fluid glass adorned by porcelain faced women.

A close friend discusses the impact the Alien Skin album, The Unquiet Grave, has had on him.

Animated GIF presenting the way music delivery has dramatically changed over the past 30 years. Scanning yearly from 1980 to 2010, includes percentage proportions of such media & systems as vinyl, CDs, cassettes, downloads, streaming and others.

I was recently interviewed by Lili for her website Lili's Lair. Read the full interview on her page. I discuss my time in Real Life & of course my past & future music in Alien Skin.

Scans of my hand written lyrics for a selection of songs from the album 'Ghost In The Rain' and others.

2012 is rolling fast to a close, the older one gets it seems the faster the world spins. A few blinks, a few sleeps, some good times, some bad times and we're back where we started from...another year over. This blog discusses where I'm at presently with Alien Skin.

The ever articulate David Sylvian being interviewed in 2012 "a beauty I cannot deny - David Sylvian Looks Back."

This blog is a response to frequent requests by musicians for me to review their music. "I am often contacted by people to listen to their music and offer my thoughts. I personally don't enjoy judging the work of others & as a musician myself, with my own very specific tastes, within this blog are my thoughts & tips on the subject."

COLD is the new Alien Skin EP release, available exclusively from BANDCAMP. In this blog are the liner notes & artwork. 'Cold' has become a fan favourite since the release of the album 'The Unquiet Grave' in 2010. This extended-play release features the official album recording, an additional 3 versions and the brand new track, 'Be My Angel'.

Released through Bandcamp for the first time, are three hard to find Real Life album and single releases from the mid 90's onwards. They are available in high fidelity CD quality digital download formats.

Occasionally people ask me about the origins of my songs and how the germ of an idea begins. Sources of inspiration may be endless, as it is for most writers, but the mechanics of recording an idea are usually quite crude & quick in order to capture it immediately from its birth. In this blog I present a 'rough as sawdust' audio demonstration.

VOLUME ONE is a new album release of Alien Skin song demos, going back to the 1990s and includes my time in Real Life. This musical body of work, when DNA tested, reveals traces of Kraftwerk, Beck, Moby, Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Underworld & a smattering of 1960s psychedelic pop.

Summer of Love is the new Alien Skin single release in collaboration with Steve Kilbey (The Church band/'Under the Milky Way'). This is its story. Song available at Bandcamp & iTunes.

Video Interview: Legendary Smashing Pumpkins singer/guitarist Billy Corgan passionately discusses the state of the music industry and why today's musicians are treated like sex workers.

2012 has seen the passing of a number of notable music artists, people who were ever present in my youth and loomed larger than life in those early formative years. The Beatles' song In My Life expresses my sentiments quite well. Here then is 'In My Life'.

An update on new Alien Skin music being prepared for release: (1) a follow up album to 'Ghost In The Rain' (2) an 80s EP project (3) a collaboration with divine french artist 'RoBERT' and (4) a new collaboration with Steve Kilbey (Under the Milkyway) of iconic Australian band 'The Church'. Read it all in this latest blog.

Emily White, an intern at NPR 'All Songs Considered' and GM of what appears to be her college radio station, wrote a post on the NPR blog in which she acknowledged that while she had 11,000 songs in her music library, she’s only paid for 15 CDs in her life. Dave Lowery from 'The Trichordist' responds point by point to the philosophy of illegal downloads that impact so negatively on independent artists.

'Monster Mash with Alien Skin' is a special article by Dan Shaurette which includes my interview responses for His article is part of a HorrorAddicts radio episode promoting women writers in the horror genre that also features the Alien Skin song 'The Unquiet Grave' as its theme. Read the article in today's blog post.

Presenting the unique French artist: RoBERT, who has been creating stunningly beautiful music since the early 1990s. From electro to baroque, delicate & charming; stuff dreams are woven out of. Recently I have been working with her her across continents and our collaboration is soon to be realized. In this blog I also feature some of her sensuous videos.

A couple of years ago I teamed up with Mila Dream (Mi*la) to produce a gorgeously delicate song of hers, My Flower On The Hill. Mila is a well versed artist from Russia that I met in 2008 via MySpace and we have been in touch ever since. She also contributed vocals to my Alien Skin song Belong, in 2010

Now you can send me a voice message, easily, quickly & for free - straight from your computer. And I can just as easily reply to you. Check this blog to try it out.

Spread over 3 parts and 3 blog posts, I trace my musical development from initially being disinterested in music as a child, to my obsession with bands and the passionate addiction to writing & creating music myself a few years later, through to Real Life and Alien Skin today. Today is the concluding Part 3.

Within is the promotional YouTube video I produced for Ghost In The Rain, the title song from my new Alien Skin album. Partly filmed in the mountain ranges, east of Melbourne/Australia, on a cold & misty day in April, shortly after my birthday.

Chain D.L.K. the Italian webzine, recently reviewed 'Ghost in The Rain'. Within is an excerpt, you may read the full review on the Chain D.L.K. website - link provided.

Author Kage Alan has already reviewed my previous two Alien Skin albums, as well as Real Life's 'Imperfection' (2004), today he adds his thoughts about 'Ghost In The Rain'.

If you know the international hit 'UNDER THE MILKY WAY' by legendary Australian band, The Church, then you'll know the voice of Steve Kilbey. I was requested to remix 'Hear In Noiseville' a song by Steve Kilbey with producer Pocket. Watch the video of the track, within.

Bursting with enthusiasm, the stylish Modern Synthpop blog, has just published a new review of Ghost In The Rain, the 2012 Alien Skin album.

Spread over 3 parts and 3 blog posts, I trace my musical development from initially being disinterested in music as a child, to my obsession with bands and the passionate addiction to writing & creating music myself a few years later, through to Real Life and Alien Skin today. This is Part 2.

'Ghost In The Rain' the new Alien Skin album: a review in the words of a fan. All the way from Istanbul, Turkey, comes this appraisal of my latest work. Thank you Saliha!

Before Alien Skin, before I joined Real Life, I recorded an album entitled 'Beneath The Surface Tension' under the artist name of MooG. The album has been added to my growing list of free downloads to Alien Skin private guest list members. Have a listen to the promo, within.

Spread over 3 parts and 3 blog posts, I trace my musical development from initially being disinterested in music as a child, to my obsession with bands and the passionate addiction to writing & creating music myself a few years later, through to Real Life and Alien Skin today.

Saliha posted me a series of questions from Turkey. Today I answer these; my musical inspiration, synthesizers, film noir, Depeche Mode and more.

I enjoy reading any new information and news I can find on Martin Gore, especially when discussing his influences and how they continue to shape his current line of creative thinking. Anecdotes from his early years in Depeche Mode are always priceless as well!

'Ghost In The Rain' was released February 22, 2012 and I must admit I was surprised by the enthusiasm demonstrated by people in ordering it. This is a thank you blog-post to all of you.

Excellent audio interview with CdBaby President Brian Felsen. Especially very useful for all of us independent artists. CdBaby is my Alien Skin music distributor.

Ghost In The Rain, my 3rd Alien Skin album, was released February 22nd, 2012. So far the support it's received has been marvelous, so I thought I'd film a little 'thank you' to all the people who have made this possible.

Ghost In The Rain, my new and 3rd Alien Skin album was released today. I have dedicated a special webpage on my site for it. You can preview it, watch it, and hear me discussing every song, right on the page.

I recently recorded an audio interview with Jo from Velvetstorm Media, Switzerland. Listen to it online! discuss all things from the 1980's onwards, my musical influences & history, Real Life, my thoughts on music today, depeche mode, my new album ghost in the rain, what it takes to 'make it'... 15 minutes of me & Jo:)

A Youtube Video Special ... in the studio with Tony Mantz, mastering the new 2012, Alien Skin album, 'Ghost In The Rain'.

BBC Synth Britannia is a documentary I've watched a number of times already. If you are interested in the development of the electronic music scene in Britain, from the early 1970s to mid 1980s, then I know you'll salivate watching this Youtube video documentary!

In today's blog I publish a post submitted to me by Saliha, an Alien Skin fan from far away Istanbul, Turkey. Saliha expands on why SHE enjoys Alien Skin music. I wish to thank her for the sentiments expressed and the time expended writing this blog.

'The Secret Garden' is a 4 song CD recorded simultaneously with my new album 'Ghost In The Rain'. Hear it on video and find out how to get a free, signed CD copy for yourself directly from me.

Nick Drake was a young English singer-songwriter, brilliant, sensitive and troubled with depression which eventually forced his death in 1974. His sensitive, melancholic work is an influence on my songwriting for Alien Skin.

Ghost In The Rain, my new Alien Skin CD album, is scheduled for worldwide release on February 22, 2012. Watch a 3D video of its artwork being presented & learn how to receive a FREE, limited edition, signed CD: The Secret Garden, as a complimentary gift when you purchase the album.

Christmas Eve 2011 was spent mastering my third Alien Skin CD album 'Ghost In The Rain'. Let me take you on a trip inside the mastering studio, in a rather hot Australian summer festive season. No snow-white one here, if only! Documentary video to follow soon.

Real Life toured Germany in October 1998, and it's a European memory I cherish. Recently I posted the blog 'Touring America with Real Life', today I continue my recollection of 18 days in Germany, autobahns & cinematic beauty.

This is the first in my series of favourite musical works that continue to inspire my work as Alien Skin.

Goldfrapp Felt Mountain, is the stunning work of British electronic music duo, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. The pair is responsible for producing one of the finest, most elegant, charming and gracious debut albums I have heard.

As keyboardist in Real Life, I toured the US a number of times, but the tour I remember most fondly was the one in August/September 1998 in support of our current album at the time 'Happy'. It began rather disorganized, and with some panic I must add, but it developed into something I still recall with great regard!

It seems I record my albums in southern winter and release them in northern winter. It's not intentional, it just worked out that way, but I think this is quite apt. To me, anyway, both 'Don't Open Till Doomsday' & 'The Unquiet Grave' have been just conceived in a dark, cold wintry hideaway, where shadows play tricks on the eyes. Ghost In The Rain is born of the same shadowy substance.

Welcome to the NEW official Alien Skin website. You are currently viewing a BLOG post/page. Click on HOME to begin your exploration. If you're reading this on Facebook or Twitter, then check it out by clicking here.

An interesting & instructive article I discovered, & it pertains to all small self financed artists & people who listen to music & perhaps forget all about the trickle down affect of not actually buying and supporting the artist in order to have the music continue to be produced.

Producing the song 'With Your Sad Eyes' with Phil Kearney. Including the music video. It's one of my favourite Alien Skin releases!

Just prior Christmas, 2010, I posted an open offer for a collaborative effort based on a piece of unfinished and untitled music I had. 'She Sells Seashells' is the result of this collaboration between myself and singer, musician Phil Kearney from Nebraska, US. Includes the music video.

In the following video I go through the recording of For Always 'Morgue of Silence' mix and isolate the various tracks so you better hear each component part that makes up the song.

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